About Us

Where We Started

The beginning of WMRA is truly grassroots and originated with the desire to address unrealized opportunities in existing resort networks. A small group of committed professionals banded together to create an action plan. Together, they worked to get the word out and gained momentum through expanded membership with other mountain communities.

Current Actions

  • Updated Policy & Bylaws 
  • Policy committee working to complete 
  • Collaborative effort crossing state lines 
  • Allowing for growth into new markets in the future 
  • NAR economic data study among member markets 
  • Comprehensive economic data study for impacts of Short Term Rental (STR) regulations in our areas 
  • Impact STR has on resort markets, advocacy and influence 
  • Develop strategic partnerships with like minded market areas 
  • Market strategies to keep referrals in our areas / referral networking * WMRA specific education 
  • WMRA specific designation 

The Road Ahead

The future of WMRA is solid. With the hard work of WMRA leadership, volunteers and a committed and active membership, WMRA is achieving goals and forging a path to better membership benefits and experience. As a collective, we are committed to working together to improve the real estate industry in mountain resort communities.