Collective of Mountain Real Estate Professionals

WMRA is a collective of REALTOR® associations in mountain resort communities across the western US. The Alliance is put together to collaborate/share market intel, stats, products and technology for its professional real estate members.

WMRA Brings Value through Collaboration to REALTOR® Associations in Mountain Communities

The Mission of the Western Mountain Resort Alliance improves the quality of professionalism and performance of our association members through collaboration, progression, education, and advocacy. We create a productive platform to source solutions for the common challenges we face in our similar markets. 

Key Benefits of WMRA

  • Members only
  • Collaborative efforts
  • Product sharing
  • Strength in numbers
  • High-tech solutions
  • Optimized information
  • Dedicated AE to help run the show
  • Networking

Our Vision

WMRA advocates for our unique destination resort real estate industry by sharing knowledge and strategies; a collaboration which makes us stronger and more efficient than working individually. We promote real property ownership and work to improve the quality of life within our unique communities.

“I attend a lot of conferences throughout the year and this is one of my favorites. It’s a wonderful opportunity for like minded individuals to collaborate on familiar issues in their communities.”

– WMRA Member

Our Members

Our membership is the core of WMRA and shapes the future of innovative offerings and collaboration for mountain real estate professionals. WMRA has a vibrant team of volunteers, active participants and dedicated leadership working together to bring ideas to life and create meaningful opportunities for all of WMRA membership.